Why we don’t want your money !

Actually it is your cash that we don’t want, we do still want your money otherwise we would be a charity and not a business.

Cash payment means you have to have cash on your person which most likely means you had to visit a cash machine or (if you can still find one open) an actual bank, then you either don’t withdraw enough for all your needs or even worse you withdraw too much which you spend anyway.

Cash is a security issue, it is an issue for you withdrawing it, its an issue while you carry and it is definitely an issue if you lose it. As importantly it is a safety concern for our staff collecting it. It only takes one bad person to know that our delivery people collect and carry cash and “Bam” a robbery and possible assault takes place, we are still a family owned business and take the well being of the people that work with us most seriously. It is unacceptable to put anyone in a position of harms way and we will continue to find safer means of conducting our business.

Cash needs to be taken to a bank (they are becoming rarer than men who put down toilet seats) and we have to pay for this service. They even make you count it before they count it but if the total differs they go with their count so really whats the point?

Cash is frequently taken out of circulation and despite the warnings I still have a jar of old £1 coins that are now worth zero. It is old fivers next, they have got to be changed to the new (slippery toy like) five pound notes, again cash is just awkward difficult and often worthless.

Our ironing service offers two prices £10 and £20 which as a sign of our thanks will remain the same for every online booking.

The option of Paypal well known for their security and safety is their for your ease of use we also offer an online payment option to our account at RBS. Acc. Number: 10234685 Sort Code: 83-47-00 we even accept standing orders for the most regular of our clients. For those that may still want to use cash the choices will be £13 for our small ironing box and £25 for the large box.