Magic Erasers £1.99 (Ten Pack)


10 x Extra Strong Magic Eraser Sponges by Gordons Cleaning – Skin-Friendly Multi-Purpose Sponges for Chemical-Free Cleaning (White)




When it’s time to kick dirt to the kerb, look no further than Gordons Magic Eraser made with Durofoam. It has twice the cleaning performance than the leading all-purpose bleach spray so it can remove your home’s toughest messes like magic. It’s a wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, light switch cleaner, door cleaner and more cleaner, all rolled into one.

  • 2  x stronger cleaning performance with Durofoam vs. the leading all-purpose bleach spray.
  • Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic.
  • Powerful cleaning with water alone.
  • Microscrubbers lift and remove dirt all around your home.
  • Room-temperature water will do!