60 Litre Large Box Fortnightly Subscription

£25.00 every 2 weeks



So choose the box to fit your needs choose the day/time of the week you want and proceed through checkout like normal.

Now there is no need to place an order every two weeks it will just happen smoothly like magic and as always “making your life easier” 

Not only making it easier to enjoy our ironing service it also comes with a no price increase promise. Any price changes happening while you are on our fortnightly service will not be passed to you your price will remain the same for as long as you stay with the fortnightly service so if the cost of our most popular 60litre box increases from £25 to £29 your fortnightly service will remain at the £25 price.

Is this your first booking?

You will need to allow time for your free ironing box to be delivered.

Your free Large Ironing Box will be delivered during the timeslot you specify. We will then return at the same time the following day to collect your filled ironing box (boxes collected on Friday will be returned on Monday). Your ironed clothes will be delivered back to you 24 hours later.