New Product

Having been asked over and over about where you can find our “Magic Sponges” we have now made them available via the website. A pack of 10 for £1.99 use with water and you will be amazed at the results, bin those nasty horrible chemicals […] Read More

Why we don’t want your money !

Actually it is your cash that we don’t want, we do still want your money otherwise we would be a charity and not a business. Cash payment means you have to have cash on your person which most likely means you had to visit a […] Read More

“Should have called Gordons Ironing”

Our unique £20.00 ironing box has turned the domestic ironing industry on its head. No more struggling with armfuls of clothes or an overflowing laundry basket just fill the box, close the lid and its ready for us to collect. Your ironing is returned to […] Read More

I would rather be…

‘I would rather be doing anything but ironing’ is a phrase that we hear all the time so come on and tell us what would you rather be doing? Shopping? Couch surfing? Chatting? Wine drinking?…… The average person (woman) spends (wastes) more than 4 hours a […] Read More

Definition of Ironing

DEFINITION OF IRONING i·ron·ing / Noun The task of ironing clothes and wasting hours, days, weeks of your life when you could otherwise be slouched on the couch sipping a cheeky Pinot Grigio watching soap operas

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Gordons Ironing. Ironing is not a marmite thing where the population is divided equally down the centre, no, ironing is definitely in the OMG i hate it side for most of us. Now the other 10% who like ironing REALLY like it, I […] Read More